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Pole Attachments - Construction Standards

Maintenance of Facilities

(a) In instances of unplanned maintenance such as vehicle accident involving Licensor's facilities, Licensor may remove Licensee's attachments or may temporarily or permanently relocate or replace Licensee's attachments. In the event its attachments are relocated or replaced, Licensee shall pay Licensor as provided for in Exhibit D.

Licensor is in the business of providing electric service through its own attachments to its poles and towers. In the event of major damage to those poles and towers and Licensor's attachments thereto, including, but not limited to, damage caused by hurricanes or tornadoes and/or ice or wind storms, Licensor's primary responsibility is to restore service to its electric customers. At Licensee's option, Licensee's qualified contractor may reattach Licensee's attachments simultaneously with Licensor's restoration efforts so long as the repairs to Licensee's attachments do not interfere with Licensor's restoration efforts. Otherwise, Licensee's un-damaged attachments will be reattached by Licensor upon completion of its own power restoration as provided for in Exhibit D.

(b) Licensee shall reimburse Licensor for keeping facilities clear of obstructions such as trees or brush as provided for in Exhibit D.

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