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Pole Attachments - Construction Standards

Placing or Rearranging Attachments

(a) Licensor reserves the right to refuse on a non-discriminatory basis to grant a permit in accordance with this Agreement, and reserves the right to revoke any such permit for the attachment to its facilities when Licensor determines, in its judgment, that such facility is required for its exclusive use or that the facility may not reasonably be rearranged or replaced to accommodate the attachment.

(b) Where Licensor rearranges its facilities to accommodate Licensee, the Licensee shall pay Licensor's estimated cost of rearrangement in accordance with Article 10.5. Said estimate expires after the lapse of three (3) months.

(c) Licensee is prohibited from tampering with, interfering with, removing or relocating Licensor's facilities subject to this Agreement.

(d) Licensor has the option of placing or rearranging the property of Licensee as provided in Article 14 herein or can require Licensee to perform the work. Licensee shall, at its own expense and to the satisfaction of the Licensor, place guys and anchors to sustain any unbalanced loads caused by the Licensee's attachments.

(e) When Licensor is requested by Licensee to install grounds or make connections to Licensor's system neutral, Licensee shall pay Licensor for the estimated cost of installing such grounds or making such connections.

(f) In the event that a request for attachments is made by Licensee and steps are taken by Licensor to carry out the request by performing necessary engineering and administrative work and the job is canceled by Licensee causing the job not to be done or completed, Licensee shall reimburse Licensor in accordance with Article 10.5.

(g) Licensor reserves the right to inspect each attachment of Licensee on its facilities or in the vicinity of its equipment and to make periodic inspections as plant conditions may warrant; and Licensee shall reimburse Licensor for the expense of such inspections. Inspections will not be made more often than once a year and upon notice to Licensee unless, in Licensor's judgment, such inspections are required for reasons involving safety or are required because of a violation of the terms of this Agreement by Licensee. The making of such inspections or the failure to do so shall not operate to relieve Licensee of any responsibility, obligation or liability assumed under this Agreement.

(h) Licensee shall assure that all of its work performed on Licensor's facilities, either by its own employees or contractors, shall be in compliance with all applicable NESC requirements. Licensee shall assure that any party installing facilities be familiar with the NESC requirements before being allowed to perform work on Licensor's facilities.

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