Entergy Texas

Our Vision

What is a Smarter Energy Future?

Our homes and our lives are benefiting daily from new technologies. Whether it is the convenience of using a mobile phone, paying your bills online, or using the Wi-Fi network in your local coffee shop, we all benefit from the advancements of technology.

As the local energy provider, we are in a position to use technology to make energy delivery more reliable and affordable. That is why we are pursuing a modern grid in Texas that will offer you:

  • Stronger and "smarter" localized electrical infrastructure to help improve system resiliency by helping us identify outages and restore electricity in homes and businesses quicker after outages and potentially spot problems before they occur.
  • More tools and better information to help customers understand and manage their energy use more effectively, which can lead to lower bills.
  • Improved customer service, including better information that will allow us to answer customers' billing and service questions more quickly and effectively.
  • The technology in place to potentially launch new programs to help further encourage and improve energy reduction and contribute to environmentally sustainable communities.