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Frequently Asked Questions
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Videos: Frequently Asked Questions - View Outages

1. What does Entergy's View Outage map show me?
2. How do I use the map?
3. What do the red and green lines represent?  What does it mean when I see green lines with triangles?
4. What is the information in the box when I hover over a triangle?
5. Why does the map show red lines when there is power? 
6. Why do some areas not have any red or green lines?
7. How can I check if my power is still out? 
8. Why does the view show shaded areas and not red and green lines?
9. Why do some parts of my neighborhood have power and others don't have power?
10. How does power get to my house?
11. How is power restored after a storm?
View Outages
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