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Net Metering

Customers that generate electric power with FERC qualified facilities status may Net Meter. Net Metering is available to generation facilities up to 50 kilowatts and special rates are available to generation facilities up 100 kilowatts who do not have any other generator connected to the grid.

In Texas Net Metering, the kilowatt-hours produced by the customer and sent to the grid will be paid for based upon Schedule SQF.

The customer will:

  • Submit a completed application and signed and completed Net Metering Interconnection Agreement.
  • Pay for “the reasonable costs of connecting, switching, metering, transmission, distribution, safety provisions and administrative costs that are directly related to the interconnection and in excess of the corresponding costs if interconnection did not occur. Interconnection costs shall be paid by the QF prior to the purchase of energy by the Company.
  • Sign an interconnection agreement with the utility.
  • Have a labeled manual disconnect approved by the utility on the outside (available to Entergy 24 hours a day with no notice). Information on labeling requirements.
  • Be able to synchronize with the utility and stay synchronized.
  • Have safety measures that prevent the generator from feeding electricity to the utility when the line is non-energized, in an abnormal voltage or frequency or cause a degradation of the safety or quality of power on the electrical grid (control packages are available to do this.)
  • Meet performance and safety standards including:

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