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Irrigation Systems


Steer clear of power lines:

  • Ask your utility company to identify power lines in the area and familiarize yourself with their location.

  • Store wheeled irrigation equipment at least 100 feet from power lines and keep irrigation pipe at least 10 feet from power lines that carry up to 50,000 volts. (Higher voltages require larger clearances.)

  • When installing above-ground irrigation systems, keep pipes horizontal so you don't lift them into lines by mistake.

Adjust spray to avoid shock hazards.

Sprinkler streams from an irrigation system should break into droplets as opposed to flowing in a single unbroken stream. An unbroken stream of water that contacts a power line can conduct electricity and cause a dangerous shock.

Use irrigation pipe at least 10 feet from power lines that carry up to 50,000 volts, and store it at least 100 feet from power lines. Higher voltages require greater clearances.





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