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Residential Rate and Rider Schedules

Entergy Texas, Inc.


All of the provisions of each rate schedule you are about to access apply when calculating a bill for service. The amount of a bill for service will be modified by any optional Rate Riders selected by the Customer or other Rate Riders that must apply.

Copies of Entergy Texas, Inc.'s tariffs are provided for informational purposes only as a convenience to our customers. Your use is subject to the terms contained in the Legal Information page on this website. The official tariff documents are on file with the Public Utility Commission of Texas. If there are differences between the electronic copies on this Web site and the official tariff documents on file with the regulatory agencies, the official documents shall prevail. In addition, Entergy Texas makes no warranty or representation that a particular tariff/schedule selected by a customer is available to or suitable for that customer. You are encouraged to contact Entergy Texas directly to determine whether a particular tariff/schedule is applicable to and/or available for your service requirements.

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print these profiles. Acrobat Reader is a free Plug-In available from the Adobe site.


Residential Rate Schedules
RS (120) Residential Service
RS-TOD (121) Residential Service-Time of Day
Other Rate Schedules
SQF Rate for Purchases from Qualifying Facilities Less Than or Equal to 100 KW
MES Miscellaneous Electric Service Charges
MRS Bimonthly Meter Reading and Billing Applicable to all Schedules of Rates
Street/Area Lighting Rate Schedules
RLU* Residential Street Lighting Service
ALS Area Lighting Service
ALS-LED Area Lighting Service – Light Emitting Diode (LED)
LS-E* Lighting Service to Existing Installations Only
Rider and Rate Adjustments
TTC Transition to Competition Rider
HRC Hurricane Reconstruction Costs Rider
DCRF Distribution Cost Recovery Rider
EECRF Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery Factor Rider
FF Fixed Fuel Factor and Loss Multipliers
FR-13 Fuel Refund
PCF PUCT Consulting Fee Rider
SRC Storm Restoration Costs
SCO Storm Cost Offset
TCRF Transmission Cost Recovery Factor Rider
FFBE Incremental Beaumont Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFCO Incremental Conroe Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFPA Incremental Port Arthur Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFHU Incremental Huntsville Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFSL Incremental Sour Lake Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFPN Incremental Port Neches Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFWI Incremental Willis Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFGR Incremental Groves Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFKO Incremental Kountze Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFCL Incremental Cleveland Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFNE Incremental Nederland Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFOR Incremental Orange Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFSI Incremental Silsbee Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFPH Incremental Pinehurst Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFNA Incremental Navasota Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFPV Incremental Panorama Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFWO Incremental West Orange Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFVI Incremental Vidor Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFPF Incremental Pine Forest Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFLI Incremental Liberty Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFPVG Incremental Patton Village Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFSP Incremental Splendora Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
FFWV Incremental Woodbranch Village Franchise Fee Recovery Rider
Other Rider Schedules
DPBF Rider for Distribution of Public Benefit Funds
  Distribution of Public Benefit Funds Factor
AFC Additional Facilities Charge Rider
SC Rider for Solar Heat Collecting System
NUS Rider for New/Unbundled Services Plan
AMS Advanced Metering System Surcharge Rider
FITC Federal Income Tax Credit Rider
TCJA Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions
Accessible Utility Information
IPODG Interconnection and Parallel Operation of Distributed Generation

*Closed to New Business
**Experimental Tariff