I.  Overview

This web page is designed to provide information regarding interconnection and billing information for customers who generate electric power with FERC qualifying facilities status. For other types of customer generation please click here and Entergy Texas will contact you.

Generators Up To 100 kW

Customers that generate electric power with FERC qualifying facilities status may take advantage of Schedule SQF. Schedule SQF is available to generation facilities up to 100 kilowatts who do not have any other generator connected to the distribution grid. Under Schedule SQF, the kilowatt-hours produced by the customer and sent to the distribution grid will be credited each month on the customer's electric bill. Special provisions are made under Schedule SQF for generators less than 50 kilowatts that use renewable energy resources such as solar, wind, and/or biofuels.

Generators Over 100 kW

For FERC qualifying facilities that generate over 100 kilowatts, please refer to Schedule LQF, which addresses Nonfirm Energy Purchased from Large Qualifying Facilities.  With respect to requesting to interconnect a generator over 100 kilowatts, please click here and Entergy Texas will contact you.

II.  Interconnection Requirements

Customers who wish to use Schedule SQF (or to increase/change the size of their qualifying generator) can do so by installing generation equipment approved by Entergy for interconnecting with Entergy's electrical distribution grid. Approved generation systems must comply with Entergy's Distribution Interconnection Process. Please click here for Entergy's "Distributed Energy Resource Standards for Distribution Interconnection."

To install a generator under Schedule SQF or to increase/change the size of an existing generator to be connected to Entergy Texas's distribution grid, the customer must submit all of the following:

  • An application package completed and signed that includes:
    • Application for solar units 25 kVA and smaller
    • Interconnection Agreement
    • W-9
  • Completed one line diagram outlining the proposed generating facility

Click here for One Line Diagram example. 

In addition to submitting the above information, the following requirements must be met:

  • Pay for the reasonable costs of connecting, switching, metering, transmission, distribution, safety provisions and administrative costs that are directly related to the interconnection and in excess of the corresponding costs if interconnection did not occur.  Interconnection costs shall be paid by the qualifying facility (QF) prior to any purchase of energy by the Company.
  • Sign an interconnection agreement with the utility.
  • Have a labeled manual disconnect approved by the utility on the outside (available to Entergy 24 hours a day with no notice). Information on labeling requirements.
  • Be able to synchronize with the utility and stay synchronized.
  • Have safety measures that prevent the generator from feeding electricity to the utility when the line is non-energized, in an abnormal voltage or frequency situation, or cause a degradation of the safety or quality of power on the electrical grid (control packages are available to do this.)
  • Meet performance and safety standards including:

III.  Monthly Billing

After Entergy's approval of the customer's qualifying generation facility, as necessary, Entergy will install a meter to register the amount of energy supplied to the grid. The meter will replace the current electrical meter if necessary and will separately register both the amount of electricity purchased from and supplied to the utility.

For qualifying renewable energy resources less than 50 kilowatts, the customer will be billed for all energy (kWh) supplied by the utility and will be credited for any energy (kWh) supplied to the grid in accordance with Option 2C of Schedule SQF.  The customer will receive a credit for all energy (kWh) supplied to the grid during the billing cycle based on the Company's standard rates for purchases at Avoided Cost. For current Entergy Texas Avoided Cost Data, please click here.

For qualifying renewable energy resources less than 50 kilowatts in which the customer submitted a complete interconnection application prior to January 2, 2018, the customer will be billed for all energy (kWh) supplied by the utility and will be credited for any energy (kWh) supplied to the grid in accordance with Option 4 of Schedule SQF.

If an amount of less than $50.00 is due and payable by Company to the customer, the Company will credit the customer's account and the balance shall be carried over to the next month and each successive month until such time as the credit is greater than $50.00, at which time a check will be issued to the customer. Customers who meet the $50.00 threshold will be sent the appropriate documentation that is required to be completed before receiving the refund check.

To submit a completed Application, appropriate Interconnection Agreement, One Line diagram and New Base Supplier Form, applicants can send documentation via email to NetMeteringTx@entergy.com.

Please click here to submit any questions for potential installations in Entergy Texas, Inc.