Southeast Texas’ population and economic opportunities continue to grow year after year. To support this growth, Entergy Texas, Inc. (ETI) has launched a project designed to bring additional power to one of the fastest growing areas in Texas. The Millbend 138kV Transmission Line and Substation Project calls for the construction of a new transmission line and new substation. The work will support and enable economic growth in Montgomery County as well as enhance reliability for our existing and future customers. 

The purpose of this project is to create a new source of power to help ensure reliable service to meet the local power needs by providing a distribution service to support the area’s load growth. The Millbend project will be designed to allow for the future economic development growth in the area.  ETI intends to build a new Millbend Substation near I-69 in South Montgomery county, and a transmission line from the new Millbend substation to the existing transmission line between Porter and Parkway substations (L-92). The new line will connect to L-92 in the vicinity of New Caney and west of Lake Houston Wilderness Park. 

There are a number of routes that the new 138kV transmission line could take between the existing Porter to Parkway transmission line and new Millbend Substation. Potential routes, along with the various segments that they would be comprised of, are listed here along with the routing criteria used to develop and evaluate them. ETI has also included the preliminary construction specifications so you will know what to expect once the project is underway and complete. 

All routes and route segments included in this notice are available for selection and approval by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

Entergy values your input and questions related to this project. There will be multiple methods of contact:

  • A survey was included in the Notification letter delivered by the US Postal Service to your address.
  • The same survey included in the mail is available through this website; available for download (either print and return via postal mail or email to Entergy) or a Survey Monkey link (enables completion the survey online).
  • The phone number listed on the notification letter delivered by the US Postal Service to your address will have voicemail capability and will enable Entergy to return your call to discuss specific items. The number is also on the "Contact us" on this website.
  • Email address on the Notification letter delivered by the US Postal Service to your address and on this website will enable you to provide feedback, request a call or ask questions. The email is also on the "Contact us" on this website.
  • A scheduled online live presentation of the project with a chat function to address questions on September 30, 2020.
  • The landowner's name, address and preferred method of contact should be provided in all comments to Entergy.

How to contact us about this project: 

Mailing address:

Attn: Brad Coleman
1050 IH-10 North
Beaumont, TX  77702

Phone: 281-689-4656