ETI has filed an application with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (“PUCT”) to amend its Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (“CCN”) to add new electric transmission infrastructure in Montgomery County. ETI is proposing to construct a primarily single-pole double-circuit 138 kilovolts (“kV”) electric transmission line (“proposed transmission line”). This proposed transmission line would connect the new Millbend Substation near Interstate-69 in South Montgomery County to the existing Porter to New Caney or New Caney to Parkway transmission line at a connection point west of Lake Houston Wilderness Park and east of Porter Heights. The new Millbend Substation will add the needed capacity to serve the growing community in the area and will interconnect with other adjacent substations and distribution feeders, which will improve the electric service reliability in the area.

The application was filed at the PUCT on June 25, 2021 under Docket No. 52241. In its CCN application for this project, ETI has presented 47 potential route segments, routing between seven alternative cut-in options and two alternative substation sites for the PUCT to use in selecting a transmission line route for this project. ETI has presented 22 different alternative route combinations of the 47 segments, ranging from 5.4 miles to 8.94 miles in length, for consideration by the PUCT. The PUCT will choose the substation site and the route of the proposed transmission line. The estimated cost of the proposed transmission line and substation ranges from approximately $62.8 million to $86.3 million depending on the final site and route selected by the PUCT.

The proposed transmission line would be erected utilizing either concrete or steel predominately single-pole structures within a right-of-way that would be up to 100 feet wide. This right-of-way consists of approximately 50 feet on either side of the centerline of the proposed transmission facilities, some of which could overlap with other compatible rights-of-way, depending on the final location.

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All routes and route segments included in this notice are available for selection and approval by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

If you have questions about the transmission line you may contact Brad Coleman, ETI’s Regulatory Transmission Coordinator, at (281) 689-4656 or email the project team at