Entergy Texas completes restoration activities following historic winter event:

Entergy Texas Inc. is pleased to announce that restoration is complete following this historic winter storm. The Entergy grid has returned to normal operating conditions. We appreciate all customers that conserved energy during this event.

Many customers have questions about their bill, how it is calculated and the potential effect this storm might have on their bill. 

Entergy Texas is a fully regulated utility that can only charge rates approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas. Any higher than normal costs due to this event – due to higher wholesale prices or fuel costs – will not affect rates at this time. These costs must be submitted for review and approval by the Public Utility Commission of Texas before being applied to any customer’s bills.

We are committed to working with any customer who has difficulty paying their bill following this event. 

A range of payment options are available to customers who are having trouble paying their bill. This includes taking up to twelve months to pay their current bill and/or unpaid balances. For more information on these options please click here.

You can access easy to use self-service options 24/7.

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What’s on my Bill?

Energy Charge

This is the cost to run equipment and facilities to deliver electricity to your home. Customers are only charged for the energy they use. If your home was not using energy due to an outage or other reasons, you will not receive an energy charge for that time. 

However, it is important to note that the extreme cold temperatures across our area has driven increased consumption that can result in higher than normal bills. 

If you have questions about your energy usage, you can log into myEntergy.com for a detailed breakdown of your energy usage. Texas customers who have an advanced meter – which is the vast majority of all Entergy Texas customers – should be able to log into myEntergy.com and check their usage. 

Fuel Charge

There is also a fuel charge that reflects the cost of fuel we use to generate electricity and the cost of electricity we sometimes purchase from other companies. This rate is an average of our costs over a six-month period which helps us spread out the shorter-term impacts over a longer period of time, and lessens the impact to customers. Entergy takes every effort to minimize these costs and makes no profit on this charge. It is passed through to customers dollar-for-dollar only when approved by our regulators.

Learn more about the costs that make up your bill