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Entergy Texas does not pay direct incentives to homeowners for this program. Please see our list of participating homebuilders when making your big decision to ensure you chose an energy efficient home that saves money and energy year after year.

Find a high-performance homebuilder in your area

Features and benefits of high-performance homes

An energy-efficient home not only saves you money, it increases the comfort, quality and overall performance of a new home. The Entergy Solutions High-Performance Homes program encourages homeowners to work with preferred homebuilders to construct energy-efficient homes that meet the highest levels of design and construction standards. An energy-efficient home is an environmentally responsible choice and a sound financial investment.

All homes constructed through the High-Performance Homes program meet a higher standard of energy efficiency. However, homes that have earned the ENERGY STAR® label meet additional, more stringent requirements.

Entergy Texas works with many of the area’s leading homebuilders to encourage energy efficient home construction that offers buyers new homes that provide comfort while saving energy and money.

Questions? Contact our local program team for assistance and to get started.