Our programs help reduce your energy costs by providing energy efficiency services.

Basic improvements like duct sealing, adding insulation to your attic or walls, sealing air returns and installing LED lights can yield big returns.

Entergy-Approved Contractors

Adam Davis
Phone: (504) 500-0850
Email: Hello@BldgEdge.com
Free Lighting Corporation
Brenda Weitzel
Phone: (281) 922-4388
Email: freelightingcorp@aol.com
Blu Contractor
Oscar Mosto
Phone: (469) 815-8305
Email: oscarmosto@blucontractor.com
Home Save Energy
Lizandro Ormeno
Phone: (214) 475-5144
Email: admin@homesaveenergy.net
Javier Rodriguez
Phone: (214) 815-4681
Email: conergy.usa@gmail.com
JNP Resources
John Santala
Phone: (432) 967-3483
Email: jpcvhs@yahoo.com
Ecoenergy Conservation Group
Fernando Ormeno
Phone: (214) 771-3597
Email: admin@ecoenergycg.com
Two Rivers Energy Services
Lavelle Perin
Phone: (877) 448-0143
Email: lavelle@tworiversenergy.com
EnerCon Resources
Patricia Mills
Phone: (409) 223-1008
Email: pattym224@gmail.com
Your Valley Weatherization
Hector Montemayor
Phone: (956) 566-8991
Email: yourvalleyweatherization@gmail.com

How Does It Work?

To receive these services, follow these simple steps:

  • First, schedule an appointment with an approved contractor. They work for utilities throughout Texas. You'll need to find one for whom funding is still available. They can help you determine if your home is eligible for this program.
  • The contractor will come to your home to determine the best way to reduce your energy costs.*
  • If improvements can be made at your home and you are willing to sign an agreement with the contractor, the energy efficiency work will take place. If you have central AC, the contractor will also check the duct system and perform any work necessary to get it into compliance.
  • Some contractors offer services beyond this program at an additional cost to you. These may include solar screens, water saving devices or other energy saving tools. Whether or not you buy these products is strictly up to you.

* Homes that have broken windows, holes in walls or other major leakage problems will be declined. Homes that are already energy efficient may also be declined.


Our Home Energy Efficiency program is offered on a first-come, first-served basis, with contractors working until funds are exhausted. If you'd like to take advantage of this valuable service, contact us promptly.

If you are unable to find a contractor who will be in your area for energy efficiency work in the immediate future, please remember this program receives new funding each January.

Also, you may find additional energy efficiency tips and ideas at Entergy.com/energyefficiency/.

Project Sponsors/Contractors please click here for information about Entergy Texas' 2017 Residential and Hard-To-Reach Standard Offer Programs.

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