The Entergy Texas Load Management Program is designed to pay substantial cash incentives to Partners for curtailment (reduction) of electric consumption on short notice during peak demand periods. Partners commit to provide reliable decreased load to the program for one summer period. If Partner finds they cannot deliver the promised demand reductions, they can drop out with no penalty; however, Entergy Texas will take delivery history into account when evaluating applications in future program years.

The Load Management Program has five steps that must be completed:

  1. Application Process: Partner must fill out an application with customer and project information. Once the application has been submitted by the Partner and approved by Entergy Texas, the project can move to the Contracting Phase.
  2. Contracting Phase: Partner receives Customer Agreement containing provisions and must be signed by Partner
  3. Performance Period: The time period in which the curtailments will occur (between June & September, from 1pm to 7pm). There will be one 1-hour scheduled curtailment, and a maximum of four unscheduled curtailments which will be a minimum of one hour and a maximum of four hours for each unscheduled curtailments.
  4. Monitoring & Verification Phase: Entergy Texas will perform the Measurement & Verification Process after any month in which a curtailment occurs. Entergy Texas will determine the baseline for each curtailment by taking the load recorded for each Partner, and that baseline will be used to determine the energy savings.
  5. Payment Process: Entergy Texas will issue one payment during the program year for the Scheduled Curtailment and all Unscheduled Curtailments. Partners must provide at least 250 kW of estimated demand savings to be eligible and can earn $32.50/kW for the load reduction delivered, up to the amount of curtailable load (kW) offered into the program.

Additional Program Information

Additional program information is available for download here: Program Manual

Please contact the program manager if you have questions.

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